Monday, March 6, 2017

Our single wide mobile home tiny bathroom remodel

I know it's hard to believe after all these months but the hallway bathroom is a good 95% COMPLETE! Woohoo!! I mean, seriously...color me HAPPY!  I was to the point that I was thinking it was neeeever going to happen. To refresh your memories...we bought the tile to do the floor back in October of last year.

First, I'm going to show you photos of the bathroom "before" and I mean before we moved in...right after the home was set up. I took pictures but I did a majorly crappy job of it...I think I was just holding the camera out and clicking. I wish I could go back and kick myself and I will definitely do that as soon as time travel is available to the average person ;)

No amount of cleaning ever got this tub clean. All that
black around the edges? It never went away...EVER. I
was always mortified when company needed to shower
because I knew they'd think I was nasty and never cleaned.
But, really, I tried everything on it. I even caulked over it and it came through
so I don't know what was up with that. Maybe if I'd put the calk

I guess the drain had leaked for the previous owners and
that's the reason there was some kind of caulk around the
So, now that you've been completely disgusted but the before photos, let me disgust you even more with the "during" pics :)

This is the bathroom after we put the new vanity in a couple months ago.

We had put down these stick on tiles a few years ago when
we did the kitchen. They actually held up fairly well until
we took the old vanity out and then they began to
separate pretty rapidly. 

The bare floor

This is the cement board going down...I think he said it
was called hardie backer board and it has to go down
underneath tile.

Mr. FixIt himself...taking down the shower walls and
getting ready to take the tub out.

NEW TUB!!! We had to order the tub from Home Depot because
the only tubs we could find locally that would fit in the 54 inch
space we had were fiberglass and we really didn't want to put
another fiberglass tub in. SO, it was totally worth the wait to get
the enamel tub--It's just a basic plain tub but I love it!


Notice there are still no shower walls here? Well, that's
because we also had to order those...Because nothing
can be easy, right? lol
And, now...prepare to be dazzled. Haha...ok, probably not exactly dazzled, but hopefully, slightly impressed with the difference.

There's my very own Mr. FixIt again :) He had to cut
some of the wall away to get to the plumbing and he's
replacing it here.

How much cleaner and nicer does that look???

Remember that I did say it was 95% finished...we still
have some paint touching up as well as trim work to do.
I gave him the weekend off to go fishing because I'd been
cracking the whip on him to get it finished, lol. 

The mirror will be replaced as soon as I can find a
replacement that I like and that fits.

 My daughter in law came in the other day and made the comment that I'd ruined the remodel by adding in the pink. Well, let me tell you--I hastened to correct her..."It's not pink, it's coral".  I really wanted something that would stand out and the coral certainly does that. I picked up the flowers and vase at Hobby Lobby and the towels from Walmart. The shower curtains were ordered from Amazon. It's difficult to see in the photos but everything is so crisp and white...the walls are gray and it all came together so well!

We did not replace the toilet because honestly, it just seemed crazy to replace it just for the sake of saying it was replaced. made quite the porch decoration--It sat on our front porch for well over 2 weeks...yep, we're those neighbors, lol.
In total, we spent just under $1,000 on the bathroom and even though it was a headache it was totally worth it :)


  1. That is great news that your bathroom renovation is nearing completion! I know how hard that can be living through a remodel. I really like how it came out. I like the floor a lot as well as the wall behind the sink. I can imagine how happy you must be with the results!

  2. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment :)