Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My grandmother

My grandmother was not your typical cookie baking, crocheting grandma that was always cuddling and coddling you. Ha...she was more like the complete opposite of that. The cookie cutter grandmother stereotype she was not!

What she was, was unique. I've never met another person like my grandmother.
She was very "old school" in so many ways. She liked to "put on airs" when she was dealing with people outside the family. I think that was just typical behavior for ladies of her generation. I wish I could go back and observe her now that I am an adult with a better understanding of how things "use to be". How much different would my perception of her be? How much more would I appreciate her mannerisms??

My grandmother rarely used foul language and when she did we thought it was hilarious. One thing she would say fairly often if she was feeling affronted was "Now, hell, I'm a lady"....SO much contradiction in that statement but she would say it with such conviction. Sometimes we'd have to chuckle at her ladylike demeanor but, oh my, what would I give to go back to those days for just a visit! That was only one of so many things I loved and remember about my grandmother.

My grandmother was not called "grandma", "nana", "nanny" "granny" or any of the more common grandmotherly terms. We called her Nonnie. I am not sure really where "Nonnie" came from but my Mama always said that it's the name Nonnie picked for herself when the first grandchild was born because she was far too young to be a grandmother. That is certainly a statement I could easily attribute to my grandmother, lol.

I really miss Nonnie today. She's been on my mind for the last couple weeks. Yesterday was her birthday and that's the reason for this post. I just wanted to pay tribute to a lady who was a very important part of my life...a lady I miss so much. I love you and miss you Nonnie...I hope you had a great birthday in heaven's flower garden yesterday. It's really true that you don't realize how much people mean to you until they're gone.

Doris Brooks
March 21, 1928-
September 22, 2009

Friday, March 11, 2016

New layouts

Because I found myself sitting for hours last week working on layouts that had been completed YEARS ago because the adhesive failed in the long term, I am uploading more layouts here because frankly, I don't really have anywhere else I feel comfortable enough to post. I was forced to look back through my gallery at sb.com looking for the layouts I was working on to ensure I had them put back together the way they were originally. Not as easy a task as you might expect to be sure.
So, without a lot of gab or description, I'm posting some layouts here just as a safeguard against anything that happens down the road.