Monday, February 6, 2017

Just another life update

Hey, y'all. I guess everyone thought I'd abandoned the blog but nope, such luck! I'm still here and I've thought about posting a million times and just didn't. I actually did start a post a few weeks ago and the power company, who were out working on my neighbor's power, whacked our power with no warning and I don't know where the post went--I don't know if it autimatically saved somewhere or if it's lost out in cyber space for all eternity. Either way, I'm here now :)

The holidays all came and went --Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New well as my first ever birthday party and 2 grandkids birthdays. It's not that I've not had anything to post, it's just that I haven't felt motivated.  I really do this blog thing for myself for the most part and I've just neglected it. I decided that I wanted to do 2 separate (this one) dedicated to nothing but home and life and the other dedicated only to crafts. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to do that without the two being linked through google. I can't update any info on the new blog without it changing it on this one. I'm not the most tech savvy but I don't consider myself tech illiterate either; it's just more than I have been willing to tackle.

ANYWAY...there have been some home updates--including the new front door that has been on my list for years :banana:  That happened in November and I still love it <3

Remember in my last post how I said that we got the tile to do the hall bath?? Well, ironically, my husband is finally laying the tile TODAY! Yes, it's been almost 4 months and the tile has been sitting in there in the floor of that teensy tiny bathroom all this time. I finally told him to just please take it all out of there and to the building and BOOM...he took a vacation day from work and is working on the bathroom...who knew that's all it would take??  I've taken *before* pictures and I will, of course, be taking *after* pictures and I will share those, hopefully, sooner rather than later.
I've done a few scrapbook layouts since New Years too...just not sure if I will post them here or not. 

Since probably the most important project that's been completed has been the new front door I'll share some photos of that...just because it feels weird to post an update without any photos, lol. This happened back in November.

So, in case you didn't know this, mobile homes have narrower doors than regular stick built homes which is the main reason the hubs kept putting this particular project off. He knew he'd have to rebuild the door frame and he was not enthusiastic about the idea. Did I mention that he's not quite as motivated to remodel as I am? Sometimes it's like pulling teeth to get the smallest things accomplished and I get so irritated and frustrated with him. But, on the flip side of that, he does work 6 days a week and does almost all the grocery shopping and even cooks supper at least one day per week. I know the last thing he wants to do on his one day off per week is to come home and work on one of my literally never ending projects.  So, even though I get aggravated, I do appreciate him and he does a great job when he does finally get to it.
So without further ado here're the photos I promised :)

Haha...I almost forgot to take any *before* pictures
but, luckily I remembered before the old door
was completely down.

Removing all the door trim

Nothing but a big gaping hole for a little while...just
long enough for him to rebuild part of the frame.

Here's the outside view of the new door and the new
storm door...that I LOVE

And, here's the inside view <3 

And that's it for this post...thanks for reading!

Hey...I'll try not to wait as long to share the bathroom floor update ;) 

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