Sunday, January 3, 2016

RECAP of the past month

Hi guys...and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It's hard to believe 2016 is here already.

2015 wasn't the greatest year for me with the loss of my sister, my oldest son and his long time girlfriend calling it quits for good, and a couple other issues...But, over all, life has remained pretty wonderful. We had a lot of good times, laughter and happiness and made some great memories.
We gained a fur baby that we named Misha and that has been quite the new experience for me. In all my adult life we have never owned an inside pet (other than an iguana that we had for a brief time). It's an adjustment but so far it's so worth it...hard to imagine life without her anymore.
Our youngest granddaughter, Braylyn Saige, was born in April and I am madly in love with her. She has the fattest cheeks and the sweetest smile :)

Lots of other wonderful things happened but that's the gist of of the major things :)

I do have some *catch up* photos to add since my last post.

I'll post chronologically:

First, it's our youngest son, who was 8th grade
homecoming King candidate. He didn't win and he
was more than ok with that...apparently he begged
people not to vote for him. I was just proud he was
nominated :)
Our grandson has FINALLY learned (more like "decided") to
use the potty full time. 

2 of the grandkids posing for some Christmas pictures in front of the tree
Had to add a few of Garrett posing with Misha
by the tree <3 

Doggy kisses...

Most of December was abnormally warm, temperature-wise. It rained on Christmas Day but the temperature was in the upper 60's.

Bright and early Christmas morning..such a happy and
peaceful time. Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas???

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Christmas can almost see those
chunky cheeks I mentioned, lol. 

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

Christmas morning

And I think that's going to do it for today's "update" post.
Just normal life stuff I know but that's what my life consists of.

I didn't get all the projects completed that were on my to-do list for
December but I did finish a canvas and I have the photos ready to post...hopefully today or tomorrow. Be sure you check back :)
Until then, I wish you all a happy 2016!