Monday, April 11, 2016

Our mobile home laminate floor process before and after

Finally getting my main living area floors replaced with laminate was a huge item on my "to do" list.  Maybe it's an easier process in a stick built home but in our mobile home which was used when we purchased it, it was a little more labor intensive. We dealt with a million nails and staples as well as some places in the floor that had some water damage and needed replaced.

I had originally picked out a flooring with a grayer color but it was sold out and because I really wanted to finish the floors before Easter I chose another flooring. The one we used is called "San Salvadore Cherry" and we got it from Lumber Liquidators in Chattanooga, TN. after checking what felt like 50 other places. We got it for an amazing price and turns out I really love it :)
I'm not going to go into a lot of detail..I'll just let the photos--LOTS of photos--tell the story.

Right after we started moving the furniture out.
It's shameful how much cleaner the carpet was underneath
the rug. I didn't think the carpet looked THAT bad until we moved
the rug and's pretty embarrassing.

Making the first cut to the carpet so we could get it out
and get started!

I personally must have pulled up at least
a million staples. Here is our youngest son helping with
stray nails and staples.

Looks like Tim and Misha are doing a great job
supervising here. Actually, Misha wasn't happy
with the disruption.

All the carpet is out...just one piece of padding left.
Can you see right behind the couch all the nails????
Somebody went crazy with their nail gun when putting
down the carpet. WHAT were they thinking???

more nails...we were beginning to think we'd
never see the light at the end of that tunnel!

You can see the original kitchen flooring here.
That is actually the flooring that is still in our
laundry room.

It was unreal the amount of sweeping that had to be done.
We all swept and swept and swept.

My husband and youngest son <3 

Break time :)

Finally starting to see some progress!

Replacing some rotted flooring 

Grandson wanted to help too

We let him "hammer" the staples we used. Of course
his dad went behind him and really hammered them flush.

I just love this picture...there was a lot of
teamwork going on here.

Danielle managed to clear out enough counter space
to get all the lunch stuff ready after she went to the store
to get it. Maybe we were just hungry but those were some
delicious hoagies, lol. 

Furniture going back in!!!

Very last piece of flooring going in by the back door!

The house was still a disaster but the floor
was down and the furniture back in place.

Completely rearranged the furniture...I admit it
took me a week or two to get use to it.

Got new curtains to go with the new look of the living room!
It looks so open and bright now!

Main hallway

View from the front door

rare view from the backdoor. 

I realize that's a lot of photos and I apologize. I just really wanted to show the process we went through to get to the end result. I see some women who say they did the floors by themselves and I honestly have no idea how they do that.

I can't say enough how much more open and clean our home feels. I absolutely LOVE the floors as well as the openness conveyed in the way we placed the furniture. I loved my home before and I love it even more now. Not much feels better than seeing your thoughts and ideas coming to fruition.

Of course there are other projects still to come in the future :)