Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer life

Random thoughts...separated to make reading less painful, lol.

I realized this morning that I've been MIA the entire summer. I wish I could say it's because I've had a crazy busy summer filled with summer stuff, or home projects and maybe even hours and hours of scrapbooking. But, it's really none of the above. I've just been lazy this summer!! And I've been loving it! I've stayed up late almost every night watching Netflix and sleeping in until 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. I've done a little scrapping but not a lot. It's the life I dream of  all throughout the school year when my alarm is going off at 5:00 a.m
This week I've been down with the stomach virus from HELL...and I mean that literally. I'm pretty sure Satan himself spewed that crap (pun intended) from the deepest darkest bowels of hell itself. Day 4 and feeling a little better today. It's early yet so we'll see.
Never got my back deck built...gave up on that.
We're suppose to be leaving for vacation next Friday. I'm excited but I admit that the anxiety I feel at leaving home and the kids is pretty much stealing my happiness. I need to get a grip on that or I'll never be able to enjoy the trip.
Garrett moved out a couple months ago and I finally decided to make the extra room into a scrapbook room. It's just a jumbled mess and it's taken me a few weeks to adjust (HA! I'm totally lying,..I have not adjusted yet!) but it's a room that's separate from my bedroom and all my scrapbook/craft stuff is in here as well as my computer. I didn't even paint the walls so they're still a bluish gray but I'll get to that eventually.  It's a small room so not a lot of extra room...I have it crammed in pretty tight, lol. But it's a scrapbook room and that's a good thing!
Debated for several weeks about getting my hair cut and finally took the plunge a couple of weeks ago. It's different having short hair but for the most part I love it. It's actually still a little too long because it bugs my neck, but Tim isn't keen on my going any shorter. It's right at the base of my neck now.
I have a few scrapbook layouts I need to share but not today. Today, you get a couple of pictures of some pretty darned adorable puppies. Remember how tiny these guys were when I first shared photos of them? They are 14 weeks old tomorrow and look what a difference!

****pardon the trash in the floor...they got into the trash can beside my scrapbook desk. They were definitely being typical puppies yesterday when I took these pictures!!
****I was also actually moving some stuff around which is why the cube storage shelf is backwards and my purse is rarely left in the floor like that.


There's your almost end of summer update :)
I'll get photos of those scrapbook pages in the next day or two and get them uploaded.
See ya soon!