Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just living life at the Tralace

It seems that I've been quite the slacker when it comes to keeping up with my blog these days. But, the fact is, that I haven't really been doing much of anything that's blog worthy.

Right now we're in the process of doing a mini makeover in the hall bath. We changed out the vanity which has been a vast improvement and we have the tile for the floors but my handyman, aka my husband, hasn't had a chance to get it installed just yet. But, soon...very soon!

The master bedroom is also undergoing a pretty drastic makeover but it's a slow process and I am waiting until it's closer to the finished mark before I do a reveal. I can honestly say though, that I absolutely love it so far! And I will give you a quick peak at a project I just finished last week for my room...some Pinterest inspired wall art. It turned out even better than I anticipated and I love seeing it on the wall.

I've not done any scrapbooking and that is beginning to concern me. I don't know that I've ever gone quite this long without at least starting a layout. But, I'm sure the urge will strike me as soon as I get more of the house stuff out of the way.

We're into the 3rd full week of October and all my fall decorations are still stored away. Normally, I can't wait to decorate for fall...I love the colors and seeing all the decorations make me happy. But this year I decided that my many tubs of fall goodies as well as my sanity would fair best if I didn't subject them to the 6 month old puppies who are so keen on chewing anything and everything in their paths. This is one "phase" of puppydom that I will not miss!  I made a Dollar Tree run last weekend and picked up this little paper turkey and stuff him on the table so I can at least say I've decorated. It counts, right? LOL

So that's what I've been up to...I'm sure I'll have more posts to share soon!