Thursday, September 25, 2014

Synopsis of September

Hi and HAPPY FALL! This is the 2nd day of fall and the temperatures are certainly feeling fall-like here in East Tennessee! I've actually had to use the heat in my car every morning this week, brrr!

I admit I haven't had a whole lot to blog about the last couple weeks as I've not been particularly crafty nor has there been a lot going on.
At the moment I'm debating on whether to even decorate for fall this year which is odd in itself because I so love the fall decorations. The colors of fall are almost hypnotic to me and I've always decorated for the season...some might even say I go overboard (as if that's possible). This year though, there are the grandkids to consider--especially the 21 month old lol. Let's just say he's "curious" and possibly "mischievous"  and I can foresee a battle or three with him over scarecrows and pumpkins. On the other hand, he'd probably enjoy the pretty colors as much as his Nana :) But, that's still up in the air and really it's only September so there's plenty of time.

I have started Christmas shopping--yay, GO ME!! I've started early the last couple years and I think I started even earlier this year. Tim says our Christmas list keeps getting longer and longer lol and I suppose he's right. But oh how I've always loved Christmas. For someone who stresses so much over the actual gift giving, I absolutely love seeing everyone open their gifts on Christmas morning. Amazon gets very little business from me throughout most of the year but I tend to do at least 80% or more of my Christmas shopping on Amazon. Free shipping and I don't have to leave home? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about lol.

Garrett has settled into somewhat of a routine at school and things seem to be going smoothly. I think it's still a struggle for him (and ME! lol) but he's adjusting. He came home this past weekend and I got a couple pictures of him when he was getting ready to leave.

It's still difficult watching him drive away and I still miss him but I don't dwell on it and I don't go into his room unless I have to lol--THAT is the hardest thing I've encountered so far--that quiet, empty room.

This past weekend there was an extremely rare occasion where Tim was together with his sister who lives in Ohio and one of his brothers that we rarely see--the occasion itself isn't a happy one but I won't go into that right now.
Here are a couple of the pictures I took--they were taken with my phone so not great but thank the good Lord for whoever decided to put cameras on phones lol.
Also pictured is their aunt who is 88 years old and the matriarch of their family--their dad's only remaining sibling.

Now, I do have a few scrapbook layouts from the last several weeks I want to share. I didn't bother scanning them because I've found the color and texture just don't come out in the scans so I just took some photos so please excuse the cropping or angles...and also the glimpses of grass peeking in lol.

I did a lot of sewing on this page and I used some stickles as well on the titling but of course it doesn't really show in the photo. Love those pictures of Chris!

Seriously love this guy and can't imagine our lives without him!

I used a lot of glimmer mist and sequins on this layout and again, it's hard to discern from the photos. All the doodling around the edges are freehand--haha, like it isn't obvious LOL. 

Don't you love the little deer? Oh and also the little "dear" :) I added this close up just to show the liquid pearls dots I added for texture...makes a big difference I think in person.

I know this post was more on the personal side rather than craftiness but hopefully I'll start creating some crafty goodness as the holidays draw nearer and I have start working on the handmade gifts :)

As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to give my blog a read :) It always means a lot to me! Please check back soon!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Painted canvas

Yes I'm still here! Didn't mean to be ignoring my blog but it has been a wonky 2-3 weeks just trying to get adjusted and settled into a new routine. My emotions have been somewhat of a yo-yo recently and I've had a bit of trouble shaking it off but I think I'm just about there! So thank you for hanging around while I pull myself together!

Last weekend my college boy *finally* came home for one night before rushing back out the door barely 24 hours later...but I digress :)  It was wonderful having him home if even for just one night. He spent a couple hours like this---(and if you follow me on Instagram you've already seen this and I apologize). It's amazing that you love your kids just as much lying here sleeping at this age as you do when you are cradling them in your arms and looking into their precious tiny faces--and you moms *know* what I'm talking about :) <3  A mother's love never changes.

Later in the day we had a house full and oh how I loved it :) There's nothing like having all your kids, most of their significant others and your grandkids all under the same roof. It was loud, crowded, hectic and wonderful!
 And I love this picture of the grandbabies. I dare anybody to look at this slice of adorableness and not smile.

AND now that I've got all the mushy gushy stuff out of the way I'll move along to the crafty part.

I've always wanted to paint a canvas but to be honest, I was terrified. Of what? I have no idea lol. I've never had much faith in my artistic ability. I have a hard time even drawing the simplest things but I saw a piece of art on Pinterest (yes, AGAIN! LOL) and decided that I already had every supply I needed so why the heck not give it a shot. The very worst that could happen would be to ruin a $3 canvas. I was timid and wary as I put the brush to the canvas and even though it is far from perfect and fairly dissimilar to the way I had it pictured in my head, I still love how it turned out! I see a couple things I'd like to change but over all I'm thrilled with it and it will definitely not be my last painted canvas!

NOTE: the dragonfly is not is actually a punch, painted with watercolor paint and covered with glitter.

I first covered the canvas with a coat of Gesso because, well I think it is supposed to help the paint adhere and not bleed through or something lol. Remember, I'm not an artist, just a crafter who loves to create!
 After the Gesso dried completely (with a little help from my handy dandy heat gun) I used all acrylic paints to paint with. Some brands from WalMart and some from Making Memories...but all acrylic.
I really needed a teensy tiny brush for the lettering and I'll definitely pick one up for next time.
 Now, if I can do this, anyone can do it so don't be afraid--and I'd love to see what you create--Post it here or shoot me an email!

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!